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King Jaden whose real name is Jaden Arriola, is a 14-year-old rapper out of Fayetteville, NC. King Jaden has been rapping since he was 3 years old, but just recently started to work on his career as a rapper. He takes pride in being able to have the freedom of writing his own raps, being that he is so young. King Jaden is the type of rapper that will have you moving in your seats to where you have to get up. KJ has his own style of rap and takes pride in being his own person. Some are shocked at how old he is because is hustle and grind is so heavy.  In 2016 King Jaden pushed his single “Wanna Do” ( Produced by Tay Creations and Nysse), that was the beginning of his take over. He followed up with “Do-Do Walk” Produced by Tipsy Twist founder of Impossible Jump Music Group. Now 2019, King Jaden’s catalog has grown and his is hoping to drop his album before the end of the year. In 2018 KJ was nominated by Carolina Music Awards (Youth Video and Youth of the year).  King Jaden has had the opportunity to rap in front of some heavy hitters such as B.O.B, LeCrae and Rain. 2019 KJ had the honor to open up for Stunna4Vegas.  At just 11 years old he has performed at the Imusic Festival at Fayetteville State University (2016), Performed at Fleet DJs Conference (Raleigh,NC 2017 and 2018), Festival Park ,Gotcha Back, Back to School 2017 (Fayetteville,NC), and Summer Jam 2018 (Fayetteville,NC), No StressFest hosted by DJESud 2018(Greensboro, NC), Interviewed with Choice 92.1(Raleigh,NC),  Foxy 99.1 (Fayetteville,NC), and 104.5 (Fayetteville,NC). Be on the lookout from more from King Jaden in 2019 he definitely has more in store. Will soon be releasing his singles “Mama Fussing Again” and “No hands”. During the Pandemic King Jaden started his own tshirt line "All Money Matters"


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